New Film Techniques

I’ll be honest. “1000 More” made me cry. Seen through my amateur eyes, the video was flawless and incredibly moving. But I’m going to put emotions aside because there is a technical aspect of the video that really caught my attention.

There were a few instances in the video in which the camera was stationary, and Phil eventually came into the frame. At the beginning, the camera is focused on Phil’s house, and Phil rolls into the shot. There is also a shot of a swimming pool, and Phil swims in and out of the frame.

This is a filming technique that I’ve never thought about before. When filming, my instinct is to focus the camera on the subject and follow the subject as he moves. Allowing the subject to move into a stationary shot is a great way to work some variety into filming techniques.

Allowing things to move in and out of the frame makes a video much more interesting because this technique generates some suspense. If the audience is left staring at an empty section of a pool, they will be curious about the purpose of the shot. The audience will attentively await the arrival of the subject. This technique can be used to help capture the audience’s attention.

I’m really looking forward to using this technique in my future multimedia projects. I expect it to increase the quality of my videos and make my videos look much more professional.


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