Let’s get metaphysical (blogging about blogging)

Having a blog scares me.

I started a blog this summer. It didn’t have a cohesive theme, as was suggested in this week’s lecture. Instead, I wrote about random topics, and I wrote to entertain. I recounted some stories from my past, made fun of myself and gave advice. I vowed to update my blog often and to keep it going through the entire summer. It worked quite well until I stopped writing three weeks later.

My blog gave me 15 seconds of (almost) fame. People who I rarely talked to in high school were walking up to me at parties and saying, “I love your blog! When are you going to write another post?”

My reaction to this was an unfailing, “You read my blog? That’s weird.”

The knowledge that people might want to read what I write gave me some confidence, but it also put a lot of pressure on me to perform. I only started the blog because I wanted to have a place where I could unload all of my sarcasm; I never expected people to actually read it. I think that’s why I stopped writing. It wasn’t because I was too busy or because I ran out of ideas. I just felt like people were expecting a certain quality of writing and a certain level of humor, and if I couldn’t deliver, they would be disappointed.

Having a blog about a specific topic scares me even more.

I would love to start a blog that is more focused. It would be nice to have something for potential employers to look at.

But what happens if I start my blog, and then run out of things to say about the topic? What if no one reads my blog because there are already so many blogs out there about that topic? What then?

Employers want to see that a journalist has an online following. Would employers value an online following if it stems from a non-journalistic blog (like my summer blog)?


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