As people’s expectations for the immediacy of information become higher and higher, Infographics will become more and more relevant. Many people don’t want to read long-winded descriptions of statistics or demographics. Glancing over a well-made infographic that demonstrates rich content, inviting visualization and sophisticated execution can convey key information in a fraction of the time it would take to read an article.

Combining Infographics with mobile technology would be, ultimately, the most efficient way to get information. When I envision my ideal way to digest statistical information, I see an interactive graphic on my smart phone. I could simply tap different parts of the graphic and see more information appear. Infographics look great in static form, but the interactive aspect helps readers personalize the information they get and the way they get that information. Hopefully, this will be common by the time I actually get a smart phone.

I like to think about how fun it would be to design an infographic, but I think the real work comes into play when you have to work with numbers. First, you need to find reliable data. I can imagine this might be difficult because 89 percent of statistics are made up. Then, the data needs to be condensed in a way that is relevant and comprehensive. When designing, parts of the graphic need to be drawn to scale in order to accurately represent the data. Just when I thought being a journalist exempted me from math…

Infographics, besides showing statistics, can also provide instructions. This infographic teaches readers how to properly choose and use sunscreen.

This infographic combines statistics to refute the belief that the HPV vaccine is deadly.


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