David Gilkey, you’re my hero

I know I’m supposed to write my weekly blog post about Monday’s lecture, but I would much rather write about David Gilkey than Lonny Magazine. So that’s what I’ll do.

I want David Gilkey’s life. I am starting my convergence sequence next semester, and my emphasis area is multimedia producing. If I can land a job that allows me to travel, shoot photos and video, record audio and produce slideshows for the Web, I will be overjoyed.

Gilkey’s work is extremely impressive. I hope to eventually achieve at least a fraction of his skill and professionalism. I can’t imagine the courage it took to stay level-headed and shoot phenomenal photos in the middle of gunfire in Afghanistan. His photos from Haiti also provided a haunting account of the earthquake aftermath. There is a particularly disturbing photo of a man walking through rows of exposed corpses. Gilkey showed, again and again, courage and determination in his photography.

I like that Gilkey spoke about juggling all of his multimedia equipment when out in the field. I experienced the same problem when I tried to simultaneously take photos, shoot video and record audio at the Citizen Jane Film Festival. I tried to condense the equipment into the fewest bags possible, but it was still awkward. There is nothing that can be done about that bulky tripod. I thought I was just being awkward and inexperienced lugging all that equipment around, so I was happy to hear that Gilkey runs into the same problem with equipment. It is also very difficult to decide when to switch between the different pieces of equipment. I hope these logistics and decisions become a bit smoother and more intuitive with experience. At the very least, I will become accustomed to making those decisions.


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